Children's classes will return on September 6th, Adult ballroom classes and Pilates will continue on the dates shown.

Collection: Tuesday Night Dance Classes

Learning to dance has to be one of the most enjoyable experiences even in these socially distance times. Our return to the studio seems like a long time coming. These dance classes on a Tuesday Night are aimed at most levels and from September will include Beginner classes. The classes are aimed at the the student that has a grasp of the basic figures through to the more experienced dancer. All are in three week blocks and take place in the studio stated unless we have to change studio because of attendance.

Keep up the good work so we can stay in the studio. If you have any Covid symptoms please inform us and return to classes in 14 days, you can still join the class via zoom link.

We are now dancing together, but if you are still feeling the need to socially distance please inform the teacher so we can inform the other students of your intentions. The wearing of masks is not necessary during the class unless you feel more comfortable in doing so. The sanitising stations will remain in operation and suggest you still use them on entering and leaving the studio and during the class.

We want you to feel comfortable and safe during our classes, please bring anything to our attention that concerns you.

Enjoy and remember, 'Walk in and Dance Out'

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