B2 - AW 27th September Beginners

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Welcome starting 27th September our new beginners Ballroom and Latin classes continues with another three week block in which we will choose one of the dances and complete a short routine. Each block will alternate between a Latin dance and a Ballroom dance until you have learned all the dances. The class starts at 8.15pm - 9.15pm.

Once you feel confident after the class at 9.30pm in the Alex Moore studio there is a practice session where the teacher will play music so you can practice what you learned plus get a chance to dance with other teachers and student. The practice session is 45min and is purchased separately here.
Learn the basic steps of all your the Ballroom and Latin dances in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Please call or email if you have any questions before you book.

01708 783576  or email admin@acsdance.uk

 The sanitising stations will remain in operation and suggest you still use them on entering and leaving the studio and during the class.

We want you to feel comfortable and safe during our classes, please bring anything to our attention that concerns you.

Thank you and keep dancing.

If you should need to isolate please contact us so we can determine if we should inform other students. You could still join the class via zoom if you wish until your isolation is over, again just contact us so we can arrange a zoom link to be sent to you.