Collection: ACS Dancewear - Leotards, Tights and Shoes

Dancewear used by ACS Dance Centre students for Ballet, Tap, Modern, Ballroom and Latin American dance classes. Branded with ACS Dance Centre logo. Available to buy here and collect from studio or have delivered. All dancewear is specific to our classes. If you are interested in dance wear without branding or looking at getting your own branded dancewear, please contact our printing partner Mark from MA Teez at
30 products
  • Canvas Tap Shoes
  • Ballet shoes
  • Baby Ballet Leotard
  • Convertible Ballet Tights
  • Camisole Leotard
  • Ballet Leotard - Primary to Grade 2
  • Crossover Cardigan 3/4 Sleeve
  • Chiffon Ballet Skirt
  • Cotton Lycra Footless Tights/ Leggings
  • Camisole Bratek Leotard
  • Capezio Teletone Xtreme Tap Shoe
  • Full foot Ballet Tights
  • Ballet Socks
  • Private lesson Voucher
  • LH-Silver - Latin Sandal
  • LH_Anna - Latin Sandal