ACS Branded Sweatshirt

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ACS branded Sweatshirts with long sleeves. Can be customised with your name or slogan in a variety of textile vinyl or rhinestones.

To add customisation select from the menu the type of vinyl from Plain flock in red or white, or why not add a little glamour to your hoodie with the sparkly Glitter Gltz in Gold, Silver or Red. Another way to add a touch of class is with rhinestones, this is added by choosing how many letters are required. Rhinestone decoration has limitations on how many letters you can have as they are a fixed size and the different size Sweatshirts are well, different sizes.
If your name goes over the maximum allowed it's always good to ask, as it does depend on what letters are used 'W' for instance takes up more space than an 'I'.

There is no limit (within reason) when adding decoration with the Flock or Glitz as the wording will be resized to suit the garment size.

To add your customisation naming there is a space in the basket where you can add it before you checkout.


This is a made to order item and will take 5-7 days stock permitting.

Contact Mateez our printing partner if you would like Hoodies with your own branding